10 Vintage Toys You Probably Owned That Are Now Worth A Fortune

If you've got any of these old toys sitting around the house, you definitely want to dig them up. You could be sitting on a gold mine.

How much did you make off your Beanie Babies? Probably as much as the rest of us: nothing. They got tossed after sitting in a bag in your closet for far too long.

While that venture might have been a bust, that doesn’t mean every old toy is worthless. There is actually a huge market for old toys that are truly collectible items on eBay.

Avid fans can bid against each for their most sought after items, and many of those can go for a pretty penny. Those old Barbies or Nintendo games are collecting dust for no reason — clean them off and see how much you can make for them.

One Barbie collection on eBay is currently bidding at over $5,000! Interested now? These old toys are actually worth a fortune! See which toys you had and how much they’re currently selling for.

1. 1920s City Transport Double Decker

This vintage rare collectible city transport double decker Whiskey Bisquit bus is from the ’20s. It was recently found in an estate sale after being put away for decades. The current beginning bid on eBay is for $22,249.99.
2. 1959 First Edition Barbie

Do you still have your first Barbie? If it’s from 1959, when Barbie was initially released, you should get that listed online! This first edition Barbie, the case she came in, and a ton of outfits is listed at $5,700 on eBay.
3. Turtles Toys of Emperor Japan

Now this a very rare toy — apparently there are only three in existence that are like this. This toy is the Turtles Toys of Emperor Japan Music Drum Band USA, which is listed at a starting bid on eBay at a whopping $200,000.
4. 1979 Battlestar Galactica Landram

Everyone had a toy from Mattel when they were growing up. Did you have this Battlestar Galactica toy? This was only released for a short time in Canada and is in perfect condition. The seller on eBay is asking for $8,000.
5. 1966 Amazing Batman Batmobile

For those who great up loving Batman, this Batmobile could have been bought for a birthday or passed down from generation to generation without anyone realizing it’s a collectible now! This toy is currently listed on eBay at $7,999.99.
6. 1979 Kenner Star Wars Boba Fett

After the 2015 release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans around the world were rushing to find all of their old Star Wars toys and figurines. This one from nearly 40 years ago from the Kenner brand is listed on eBay at $12,500.
7. Running Mickey Mouse On Pluto Wind-up

Mickey Mouse has been a staple in American culture for nearly 80 years now. The toys from when he first released are extremely rare and valuable now. This wind-up Mickey and Goofy toy is listed on eBay at $5,500.
8. Nintendo M8 Demo Unit

The old school Nintendo system comes from before we had video games so easily accessible on our phones. It was a demo unit put out to help get excitement up for Nintendo games. It is so rare and is currently listed on eBay at$6,999.99.
9. Porcelain Doll

Almost every little girl has played with a porcelain doll in her life, whether it was her own or a friend’s doll. If you kept your dolls, and they were passed down to you from your mom or aunt, they just might be worth a ton. This doll is currently listed on eBay at$5,999.99.
10. PEZ Dispensers

Did you know that there are actually rare PEZ dispensers that are worth a lot of money? Prices vary based on age, condition, and rarity, but the
most desirable pieces are worth thousands of dollars. This one is listed on eBay at $8,999.95.

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