We All Loved Vicki The Robot, But Where Is She Now?

Do you remember Vicki the Robot? Click here to see where she is now!

For those who were lucky enough watch the show Small Wonder, you know that it might be one of the weirdest ideas for a television show ever. The story was based on Ted Lawson, an engineer and an inventor that created a robot to help handicapped children and then he took it home to help it mature and age.

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The robot clearly had to go through some modifications over the years because she was a real human kid who aged and grew up over the four television seasons. The show handled this by having Ted give Vicki a few “upgrades” over the years of the show.

It’s now been almost 32 years since Small Wonder first aired but what does little Vicki look like today?

Well, she has had some more upgrades since 1980 and looks a little different.

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She attended Westmont College in California and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology! She went to school again to become a registered nurse and works in Boulder, Colorado. She’s now allowed to look however she wants, without all those robot upgrades!